Illustrator Wanted

At NFE we love art. Love design. Love colour and love eclectic.

Now we are looking for our 2019 illustrator. Details below.

Our houses are an extraordinary collection of beautiful homes spread out across the forest in some amazing locations. We want to develop a year long relationship with an artist, preferably local,  whose work supports and reinforces our brand as a young, dynamic and growing company.
Already this year we have launched a photography-based partnership with Matt Roseveare, who won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in 2017. A local, he has spent much of his 19 years quietly watching and waiting with his camera. We have been showcasing his work this autumn on our social media channels and plan to increase the depth of the partnership over the next few years.
Illustrator Brief: 
Illustrations must cover local content that we can use on our website, for example, NF flora and fauna, the things that you’d see on the coast through the seasons: birds, boats, sandcastles, children playing, seeds, leaves, patterns, colours, etc.
We are looking for 10-20 illustrations in total.
We will pay £500-£1000. or £50 per image.
All material needs to fit with the existing vibe in our web design (you’ll notice the watercolour marks and foliage around the site) for example. However we love modern. We love pattern. We like abstract sometimes. We like different and we celebrate creativity and eclecticism in our houses and want to extend that through illustration in our brand. AND WE DON”T WANT A CUTER VERSION OF WHAT WE’VE ALREADY GOT! It needs to be bolder, brighter and with a bit more attitude.
Please no landscapes.
Please be aware of our timeframes. EXTENDED to 21 DECEMBER.
Your work can be any medium. We do want colour and we do want a light and fresh feel. Sketches, or ‘rough work’ may be fine. We don’t always want to show the polished finished article.
We want to use these images for a year, mainly on our website and social media. We print very little as a company and they may or may not get used. We plan to do a small mini-brochure of houses this year which would be nice for the illustrations. And our house documents will definitely need illustrations on – but they’re are only 20 of them and they only go in our holiday houses. It’s all very low key.
After that, if we can find another suitable illustrator for next year, then the images would be kept online in our archive but not used. We will always credit to the artist. And you’ll be profiled on our blog with your images shown, so that you get the credit for your work. We are a small company and this is a year long partnership. We won’t be selling or editing any pics (unless you’re interested in that but that’s really not on our radar).

Developing your work and name:

The artist we choose may have unprecedented access to some of the most exclusive houses and the locations across the forest. We want the relationship to be inclusive into our company and the artist will be welcomed to comment on our work generally. In turn we will support them to share their creativity across social media alongside our brand, to use technology to celebrate their skills (video interview, time-lapse photography) to develop their art through the year and promote them to new markets.

Digital brief for supplying your pieces:
Please supply each composition as 2 separate images, as one will be shown on larger screens and the other will be shown on smaller screens.

For the large image use a canvas measuring 1800px by 768px @72dpi and save your image as a jpg. The smaller image has a squarer aspect ratio and the canvas needs to be 950px by 780px @72dpi, again save your image as a jpg. You don’t need to optimise the images for web use, but it would be helpful if you can.

The composition for each image can differ slightly to allow for the differing aspect ratios, for example the larger image might contain 3 elements that become only 2 elements on the squarer version, or the elements may be smaller and sit closer together, it’s up to you! See the current live homepage at different screen sizes for an example. 

Lastly, the images must not have any “hard edges” so if your elements bleed off the canvas please fade them out with an eraser tool.


Material to be submitted by 7th December..
We will circulate to our owners, staff and email subscriber list and on social media on end of 2nd week Dec.
We will choose an illustrator the week of 10th Dec.
Payment of first quarter of the contribution/payment end of that week.
First designs due to NFE in digital render by end 1st week Jan.
Second half of designs due to NFE by early March.
How to enter: 
Please email your designs to with the title of the email ILLUSTRATOR and YOUR NAME.
Please make sure your phone number is on the entry and ensure that you’ve followed our digital guidelines above.
Guideline for partnership: .
To be considered please send your material (One entry of up to two images per person), to be submitted by 23.59 (GMT) on Friday 7th December 2018.
We will circulate to our owners, staff, email subscriber list and on social media on end of the 2nd week of December.
We hope to choose an illustrator the week of 17th December 2018. If we don’t have the right entries to choose someone to partner with we will extend the time frames for our search.
First 5 images due to NFE in digital render by end Dec.
Second 5 images due to NFE in digital render be end of Jan 2019.
Second 10 images due to NFE in digital render by end of February 2019.

Any more images requested by NFE will be paid for at the same rate £50 per image.

Sorry but any images that don’t fit the digital brief will be discounted and not paid for.
Material that is submitted may be circulated alongside the New Forest Escapes brand in social media according to New Forest Escapes, or their broader teams, remit. Images may or may not be credited to the individual artist in that promotion.
New Forest Escapes will own the rights and usage of the final chosen illustration/work that is submitted as part of this competition.
This contract is for 1 year only. Either can withdraw with up to 6 months notice, in writing.
NFE reserve the right to extend the time frames of the competition.
One entry (of up to two images) per person.
The maximum reward for the winner is £1000. Approx’ £50 per image.
Any previous illustrators who have worked with NFE cannot enter further competitions in the future.
Please email entries or any questions to
Many thanks
Rachel and Jane.