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Cleaning Information


Enhanced cleaning

With the Corona global flu pandemic our teams are completing a more comprehensive cleaning than normal.
For the full guide to our cleaning please view our NFE Cleaning Guide for Guests 25.6.2020
This is a short excerpt from that document.

We are following the guidance from the Professional Association of Self Caterers.  The documents concentrates on the interpretation of new COVID19 UK law for the holiday rental industry.


For example, from PASC Cleaning Protocols document 22.6.2020:


Latest evidence published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine illustrates that information and knowledge is evolving all the time. Currently it is thought that the virus can live on some common household surfaces for


*This is based on testing initially, then at 4 days and then 7 days, when the virus was entirely neutralised. Therefore, these surfaces need to be disinfected before they are safe to touch.


Therefore all surfaces which are touched frequently, such as light switches, door handles, kitchen surfaces, and bathroom surfaces should be regularly disinfected.



Bedding and Linen



NFE/owners are going to provide 2 pillows on a double and 1 on a single and guests are asked to bring any extras they want, complete with their own covers.


Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors are replaced for each guest changeover.


Commercial Laundry washes

The correct temperature to kill COVID19 is 60 degrees using the recommended detergents. Our preferred laundry company is achieving this and all owners know and are happy to do the same.


What ‘high touch point’ areas will you clean?

To include: key lock boxes, keys, door handles, light switches, power switches, bannisters, fire extinguishers, high chairs, cots, WIFI hub and all remote controls, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee machines, ovens, bins – internal and external. The pans, crockery and plates will have been run through the dishwasher for you on an intensive cycle. The list goes on to cover inside windows, mirrors, shower head, toilet brushes. Outside includes, disinfecting the bin lids, cleaning outdoor furniture and gates, outdoor play equipment and BBQ’s. In some houses, the BBQ cooking area will not look clean because of the material.


Will there be cleaning items left for me to clean if I want to?


Yes, we will leave a selection of items for you including a hoover, mop and cloths.


If someone has stayed in one of our houses and is suspected of having COV-19 then we will follow best practice government procedure. Currently, that is, thorough clean and disinfect, double bag any waste, and possibly leave 3-4 days between a guest stay. We will take and follow best practice advice if this happens.